Total Credit Card – Benefits

Total Credit Card is considered one of the best credit cards available for people who have subprime scores, around 350-600. These credit ratings are considered quite bad, and that is why many other companies do not qualify such applicants for credit. However, the Total Credit Card changes it all for such people. And with all its benefits and uses, it certainly helps the cardholders to improve their credit scores and rebuild their credit history within no time.

In this article, we will delve into all the benefits of the Total Credit Card and how it helps people start a new chapter in their credit book.

Benefits of the Total Credit Card:

Following are some of the benefits that this card provides for its users:

1-      Application Process:

The application process is extremely simple

2-      Prompt Decision:

When a person applies for the card, they do not have to wait for hours to receive their qualification status. So, this is a plus that the decision time is within minutes. In most cases, it hardly takes 60 seconds to get to know your credit score and whether you qualify for the card or not

3-      Reports to the major credit bureaus:

The card is issued by The Bank of Missouri. The bank reports to all the major credit bureaus in the US, namely Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian

4-      Positive Credit Building:

The card helps in credit building. This is because of the fact that the bank that issues the card reports to all the major credit bureaus. Now, if the cardholder makes regular payments, pays more than the minimum monthly dues, and is generally keeping a good profile, the bank reports positively to the bureaus. This in turn, in the long run, helps the cardholder build a good impression and their credit scores start improving. So, this is a chance that a person with a bad credit score would love to get

5-      Customer Service:

The customer care service is excellent. Their helpline operators are available 24 hours, all through the week, and they respond promptly too.  Generally, the customers leave a very good review for their customer service

6-      Secure Online Payment System:  

The payment system is generally very easy. You can pay your bills by phone, or through their online portal Also, there is an easily manageable app for Android and iOS for payments, account balance checks, and history of transactions.

Uses of the Total Credit Card:

This card is accepted all over the US, in retail as well as online. However, because of tight security reasons, you cannot use it on gasoline pumps outside. You have to go inside and make payments there. Other than that, this card cannot be used for gambling purposes and for merchandise outside the US.

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